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Reading 1
You’re going to read two stories involving mobile phones. Read them once. Which story is the funniest, best or most enjoyable? Why?

Mobile phone stories

Just last month, I was in Copenhagen with some friends when I got lost. After lunch on our first day, we went sightseeing around the centre. As we were walking through the streets, I popped into a restaurant to go to the toilet. I was only in there for a minute or so, but when I came out my friends weren’t there. I tried calling them on my mobile but the battery was dead and I didn’t have any money with me, so I couldn’t use a phone box. Eventually, I had to spend the afternoon on my own, until we all met up back at the hotel. [by Charles Swift]

Last week, I was in the theatre with a colleague from work. About half-way through the show, my mobile phone started ringing. Everyone there could hear it and turned around to see whose phone it was. Annoyingly, I couldn’t find the phone in time to turn it off. Then, a few seconds later, it made a loud beeping sound – the noise the phone makes to let you know that someone has called or left a message. The actors on stage at the time actually stopped the show for a couple of seconds. It was so embarrassing. [by Juliet Hargreaves]

Reading 2
Read the stories again. Then, answer T (true) or F (false).

  1. In the first story, Charles was in Paris.
  2. He went into a bar so he could go to the toilet.
  3. After coming out, he couldn’t find his friends.
  4. He couldn’t call his friends because his mobile phone battery was dead.
  5. In the second story, Juliet’s mobile phone started ringing while she was at the cinema.
  6. Later, the phone made a loud beeping sound.

Very good! Now try the quiz to check your answers to exercise 2!

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