Cartoon man (Andy Avatar) with graduation hatHi, it’s Andy here. Now, we’re going to watch a video. This will show you the language from this lesson in action! It’s also a great way to see native speakers speaking naturally in realistic situations. Good luck!

The concert!

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You’re going to watch a conversation with Tim and his friend Amy. Tim is talking about a concert he went to. Watch the video completely without stopping or pausing. How well did the concert go? [answers below]

Viewing 2
Watch the video again (this time pausing where you want, or replaying bits). Then, answer the questions.

  1. Which band did he see?
  2. Who did he go with?
  3. Who got him the tickets?
  4. Where was the concert (the city)?
  5. When did the electrics cut out?
  6. How long did it take before the electricity came back on?
  7. When did Amy form the band she plays in?
  8. What does she do in the band?

Viewing 3
Now, watch the video and read the script at the same time. This is great for your listening skills. If you find any words you aren’t sure of, look them up in a dictionary.

Video script
Amy: My god, OK, so I heard you went to a concert.
Tim: Oh, it was incredible, best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced.
A: Oh, that’s so cool. OK, remind me, who did you go see?
T: It was the Arctic Monkeys.
A: Oh!
T: Yeah, yeah, I’m a massive fan.
A: OK! Yeah? How are they live?
T: They’re incredible live.
A: Yeah?
T: Better than I thought they would be.
A: Better than, better than, erm…
T: On the albums, yeah.
A: Oh, incredible. So, who, who did you go with?
T: I went with a couple of friends from university.
A: Oh, OK.
T: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Birthday treat!
A: Oh, that’s so cool! Erm, who got you the tickets, though?
T: My parents, yeah.
A: Really?
T: Big surprise.
A: Yeah! Oh, that’s so cool. Where were they playing?
T: It was in Birmingham.
A: Uh-huh.
T: The Birmingham Arena.
A: OK.
T: But, erm, unfortunately, bit of a technical error, halfway through, right in the middle of a song, all the electrics cut out.
A: Are you serious?
T: Pitch black.
A: No!
T: Yeah, so, everyone, everyone’s just standing around, no one knows what’s happening, there’s about a half hour gap, and then they come back on, finish the concert.
A: Oh my God! So they came back, did anybody, did anybody leave?
T: I think maybe a couple of people left, but it was still pretty good.
A: Yeah.
T: Yeah, and, yeah. And now there’s rumors that the band was actually going to refund all the fans.
A: Are you serious?
T: Yeah.
A: Oh, see, when bands are good to their fans, oh, there’s nothing better. That’s so nice.
T: And you’re in a band, right?
A: Yes, I am!
T: OK.
A: Yeah, so, with two other friends of mine. We just started a couple months ago.
T: Oh, nice. So, you had any gigs?
A: Yes, actually, we had one about a week ago, erm, in SoHo, and we, we, pretty much once a week have a little gig somewhere, right now, we’re just building up.
T: OK, that’s pretty impressive.
A: Yeah!
T: And you working on the music?
A: Yeah! We are, at the moment, we actually, we go into the studio a couple weeks to record, we’re just starting to, er, write a couple more songs. So, erm, I sing and do keys, and my other friends sing backup and do bass and drums, so…
T: OK, cool. I’ll have to come check you out.
A: Yeah, you should! I’ll let you know when our next gig is.
T: OK, brilliant! Cheers.
A: OK, awesome!


Viewing 1
The concert didn’t go too well because the electrics cut out halfway through.

Very good! Now try the quiz to check your answers to exercise 2!

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