Vocabulary for reading!

cartoon guy teachingHi, it’s Andy here! First, I’d like you to learn these words. They’ll help you with the reading activity. Listening to the words and definitions will also help with your pronunciation.

To be born: the time when you’re “born” is the time when you come into the world as a baby. “I was born in 1995.” 

To grow up: the place where you “grow up”, is the town or city where you mostly live as a child. “I was born in Manchester, but I grew up in Liverpool.”

To borrow: if you “borrow” money from someone or a bank, they give you money that you have to return later. “I borrowed $400 from the bank.” 

A loan: an amount of money you borrow from the bank or someone. “I took out a loan for $600.”

A boss: the person who is in charge of a department where you work. “My boss is usually really nice, but she can get angry when I make a mistake.”

To look over: if you “look over” a document, you read it carefully. “I looked over the document, checking for any mistakes.”

A floor: the “floor” in a building is all the rooms on a particular level of that building. “I work on the fifth floor of the building.”

To take a bus, train, plane…: if you “take” a bus (for example), you go somewhere by bus. “I took a bus to work today.” 

To cycle: to ride a bicycle. “I like to cycle to work when the weather is nice.”

To take time: if something “takes” 20 minutes (for example), the time it starts to the time it finishes is 20 minutes.
“The journey took half an hour.”

Cartoon man holdign up sign that says wow Very good! Now try the quiz to see how much you can remember!

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