Cartoon guy with graduation hatWe’re going to watch a video. This will show you the language from this lesson in action!

My life!

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You’re going to watch an interview with an actress, Cassidy. Watch the video completely without stopping or pausing. Does Cassidy do anything similar to you? For example, does she have any of the same hobbies? Does she eat any of the same food?

Viewing 2
Watch the video again (this time pausing where you want, or replaying bits). Then, choose the correct options. Later, do the quiz to check your answers.
1. What does Cassidy like to do in her free time?
a) She likes to relax at home. b) She likes to go out at night.
2. How does she keep fit?
a) She swims in the pool at her home. b) She goes to the gym and she goes running.
3. What type of food does she eat?
a) She mostly eats fruit and vegetables. b) She only eats pizza and hamburgers.
4. What do her parents think about her success?
a) Her parents don’t like it that she’s an actress. b) Her parents are very supportive.
5. What does the man in her life do?
a) He’s a doctor. b) He’s in finance.
6. How many brothers or sisters has she got?
a) She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. b) She’s got two sisters.

Viewing 3
Now, watch the video and read the script at the same time.This is great for your listening skills. If you find any words you aren’t sure of, look them up in a dictionary.

Host: Welcome to our show. Today we’ve got a special guest, her name is Cassidy and she’s an actress, she’s an up-and-coming star, musical theatre, she’s taking over the world. So, today we’re going to get to know Cassidy a little better. So, first let’s start with, what do you do in your free time?
Cassidy: Well, when I have it. Erm, I honestly when I have free time, I love to relax at home, erm, with my dog and have my friends over. Erm, I love to cook for my friends, I love to bake especially now that it’s cold, erm, and when I can, I like to go, erm, I like to travel and be outside as much as possible.
H: Yes, that’s quite interesting, and given that you’re an actress and I’m sure they go through a lot of pressure just trying to stay fit, so how do you keep fit?
C: Yeah, well, that can be that can be tough. I have a couple of apps that I use on my phone for when I have to be on the road. Erm, but otherwise I, I go to a kind of like high-intensity interval training gym a few times a week when I can, and when it’s nice I like to go run.
H: And what type of food do you eat?
C: Mmm… that depends. I used to be vegan and vegetarian, but now I am “Cassidytarian”, and I eat, I eat whatever, mostly I do a lot of, erm, fruits and veggies and chicken and stuff but once in a while I might just sneak a slice of pizza or hamburger in there, when I’m feeling like I want a little extra.
H: Given that you have a lot of fans I’m sure they’ll be following your diet.
C: Yeah, well, maybe… do what you want!
H: Given that you’re a successful actress, I would say, what do your parents think about your success?
C: I am so lucky really because I’ve had a lot of friends whose parents have not been supportive. It can be really hard for an actor in that regard, but my parents have been, because they’re in the arts as well. They’ve always been really supportive of me, even when I’ve lived far away they’ve always tried to make it to any show I have. Yeah, I’m pretty lucky.
H: That is sure you are quite lucky, that’s lovely. So, you’re a beautiful young actress, so I’m sure there’s a Mr…
C: …yes…
H: …in your life. So…
C: Maybe, maybe there is!
H: Is he in the film industry?
C: Er, no, he’s not, he actually, he actually works in finance. Totally different!
H: That’s an interesting contrast.
C: Yeah, I know, I know.
H: I’m sure there’s lots to talk about between you two.
C: There is. Yeah, we’ve, we bonded over travelling, so…
H: So, we spoke about your family. Do you have any siblings – a brother or sister?
C: I actually don’t, I don’t. When I grew up, I had dogs and cats once in a while, but no, no.
H: So, you’re an only child?
C: Yes, yes.
H: So, once again, we spoke about your family and you said that they’ve been extremely supportive. What do they think about your success?
C: They are, they’re pretty, they’re pretty proud really and they know it’s not, it’s not been overnight though, and it’s been a lot of long hours of work and things that people don’t see, you know, the, the hard work that goes into everything but they have been really incredibly supportive of everything and really proud.
H: That’s lovely, that’s really good to know.
C: Yeah, yeah, pretty thankful for that.
H: Well, thank you so much, Cassidy, for joining us on our show. Everyone make sure you stay tuned to Chorus Line it’s in theatres on December 24th. Thank you so much, Cassidy, for being here.
C: Thanks for having me!

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