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Hello! Now, we’re going to do a bit of listening practice. Good luck!

Strangers on a train!

Listening 1
Petra and Mike are on a train. Mike thinks he knows Petra, but he isn’t sure. Listen once without pausing or stopping the audio. For this first listening, you should try to get the gist of what they’re saying – a general idea of what they say. Does Mike discover who Petra is in the end?

Listening 2
Now, listen again and answer these questions yes or no. This time, you can pause the audio whenever you want.
1. Is Petra a doctor?
2. Does she own a computer shop?
3. Is she a member of a tennis club?
4. Does she ever go to The Grapes wine bar?
5. Does she drink at the King’s Head pub?
6. Is she married to Tim Smith?

Listening 3
Now, listen again while you read the script at the same time. This is great for your listening skills. If you find any words you aren’t sure of, look them up in a dictionary.

Audio script
Announcement: This train is the 14:37 service to Manchester, calling at all stations to Manchester.
Petra: Excuse me, is this seat free?
Mike: Yes, of course. Help yourself.
P: Thanks.
M: Erm, I think we know each other. I’m sure we’ve met before. Do you work at the health centre in Gerrard Street? I think you’re my wife’s doctor.
P: Er, no. I’m not a doctor.
M: Oh, right. My mistake. So sorry. Do you own the computer shop in Dover Street?
P: Er, no, I don’t. I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me for somebody else.
M: Ah ha! You know, I’m really sure we’ve met before. Are you a member of the tennis club in Argyll Street? Surely, that’s it.
P: No, I’m not. I don’t play tennis.
M: Then, what about The Grapes wine bar? Do you ever go there for a drink?
P: Er, no. I don’t like wine bars. I’m a beer drinker.
M: Of course. That’s it. You drink in the King’s Head [a pub] in Wardour Street. I’ve seen you there hundreds of times.
P: No. I’m afraid not. I’ve never been there.
M: Then it must be The Queen’s Head.
P: No. Sorry.
M: The Duke’s Head?
P: No.
M: The King’s Arms?
P: No. I really do think you’re mistaking me for someone else.
M: I’ve got it! You’re married to Tim. Tim Smith.
P: Oh, yes, that’s right. Do you know Tim?
M: Do I know Tim? He works with my wife, Stephanie, at the bookshop. [fades out]


Listening 1
Yes, Mike does discover who Petra is in the end. She’s married to Tim. And Tim works with Mike’s wife, Stephanie.

Listening 2
Do the quiz to check your answers.

Cartoon guy with thumbs up Now, do the quiz to to check your answers to exercise 2!


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